What To Know About Modeling Bookings

Q. "I always thought that models are tall and thin. Is that true?"

 ANSWER: To do modeling assignments you do not have to be tall and thin. 

Tall and thin does help a model to do a bit more work. However, certainly in no way, if a model is NOT tall and thin, is she restricted from getting modeling bookings. As a matter of fact, most models are not tall and thin. To get booked for print ad campaigns height normally does not matter. Print ads can pay $10,000 to $75,000 for working just one day. Print ads are the highest paid modeling booking to get.

Q: Why Do Most People Get Into Modeling?

 ANSWER: Most people get into modeling because of the extra income it brings.

Many of them do have a day job already & attend college at night after working their 9-5 job and do modeling assignments on-the-side.

Fashion shows, music videos, print advertisements, hair magazines, etc.
All done on the side for extra income. 

Q. How Many Types Of Modeling Assignments Are There?

 A. There are 17 types of modeling assignments.

  • · fashion shows
  • · runway shows
  • · hair shows
  • · hair magazine work
  • · fit modeling
  • · showroom modeling
  • · figure modeling for art classes
  • · music videos
  • · album covers
  • · swimwear calendars
  • · lingerie calendars
  • · beer posters
  • · print advertisements
  • · editorial work
  • · fur shows
  • · catalog
  • · couponing