A list of modeling terms courtesy of OLM THE AGENCY



Abroad  -places outside of the United States where you can go to model, such as London,Paris, Milan, Tokyo. 

Accessories  - fashionable items that you wear to complement clothing,such as jewelry, belts, pocketbooks, hats and scarves. 

Account Executive - an employee from an advertising agency who is in charge of the advertising of an account/a product. 

 EXAMPLE: John Doe is the Account Executive for Hyatt Hotels. Jane Smith is in charge of the at&t account.

Advance   - a sum of money paid to you by your agent on behalf of an   advertising  company that wishes to book you for a job. This is usually   paid in  advance of your working to secure your services particularly  if  you are  in demand as a top model. 

Advertising    - the action of getting the word out or letting the public know about  a  product or service. The formats are print, TV spots and radio. 

Advertising Agency  - creates advertising campaigns for companies &selects/hires models. 

Example: BBDO Advertising Agency in Atlanta, GA creates advertisements for at&t.

AFTRA   - American Federation of Television and Radio Artists is   a union for  performers that establishes specific fees for different   types of  performances and protects the model's or Actress's rights. 

Age Range  - the ages that a model can portray (usually a 5 to 7 year span). 

Agency  (modeling agency) -   an establishment that does business on behalf of  the model, such as  booking jobs and collecting payment for the model  for a fee(usually   10-20% of the dollar amount collected).

Agent  - a person who works for an agency or who has a privately held business to book models. 

Appointment Book  - a calendar or date book used to record bookings, 

go-sees or any other business activities. You may also use this book to keep a record of your expenses for tax purposes. 

Art Director  - the artist who creates the layout for ads, illustrates models poses. 

Assignment   - this is the same thing as a booking or modeling job    whereby a  model is paid for services performed - runway, print, trade   shows and  other types of employment associated with modeling. 

Audition     - this is a trial performance which is given to show the casting    directors how well you are qualified for the job. Similar to a casting    call but not private.



 Backdrop  - background used in a photographers’ studio. 

Beauty Shots   - pictures that are taken from the shoulders up, featuring the hair, the skin,

the eyes, the smile and the makeup. Also referred to as head-shots. 

Black and White Photo   - a picture that is taken specifically to produce black, white and  gray images. Usually black and white photos are suggested for acting  head shots. 

Blocking  - the actual physical movements by actress in any scene. 

Blow-Up  - enlargement photo from a negative or slide. 

Book (photo-wise)- a collection of photographs and tears a model uses to promote herself. Also called a portfolio.

Booking  - a job assignment

Book Out  - when you tell your agency that you are unavailable to work for certain day(s): for example, a vacation or another job. 

Booker  - person at agency who sets appointments for models. 

Booking - job assignment. 

Breakdown Service  - a professional listing available only to agencies that lists movies, film, TV, and stage projects with the types of Actress being cast. 

Buyer  - retail store employee who purchases clothing from the manufacturer; models show the line of clothing to store buyers. 

Buy-out    - when a client arranges a one-time payment or flat fee for a  commercial instead of paying residuals for the job. This means that you  will not get paid every time the commercial plays - the fee should be  quite substantial. 




Call Time  - actual time you are due on set.

Call Back -  second interview after a go-see or audition that means they are  narrowing down the selection and they are considering you for the job. 

Casting  - the act of choosing a suitable model for a particular assignment. Usually you audition openly in front of others models.  

Casting Director  - the person who works with advertising agencies to select the talent for a particular modeling job. 

Catalog Work  - modeling for photographs which will be used in catalogs produced by a  manufacturer or distributor to sell clothing or other items. 

Catalog Modeling  - modeling for mail-order books which sells everyday products to average people. Requirements are flexible. 

Cattle Call - this type of audition where hundreds of models will show up to be viewed by casting directors or photographers.  Usually new models are sent by their agents so that they can be introduced.