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ANSWER: To do modeling assignments you do not have to be tall and thin.

Tall   and thin does help a model to do a bit more work. However, certainly  in  no way, if a model is NOT tall and thin, is she restricted from  getting  modeling bookings. As a matter of fact, most models are not  tall and  thin at all.      

Models  in  music videos, on beer posters, print ads, hair magazines, hair  shows,  editorial work and much more, actually range in height and dress  size.  Besides, "chocolate" people are built differently.  Full lips  are standard for a Nubian Queen. 

To add to it all, thighs and hips are  what "defines" a chocolate woman as being "chocolate".

Q: Why Do Most People Get Into Modeling?

ANSWER: Most people get into modeling because of the extra income it brings.

Most people get into modeling because of the additional annual income modeling provides.  Most models do have a regular 8 hour job; however, they still do modeling bookings on-the-side for extra income.  Some  models have a very tight schedule - having a FT 9-5 day job, attending  school in the evening after work PLUS doing modeling gigs on-the-side as  it comes. Many times, the model will make MORE MONEY from the modeling  gigs than their FT job income.  For  example, a person who models may make $50,000 to $80,000 per year from  their FT job working 40 hours a week.  One or two print ads could easily  pay them $40,000 for a ONE-DAY BOOKING. Thus, the model has made  $80,000 from just doing two (2) print ads for just working two (2) days.  Add a couple of fashion shows in there, a hair show and a couple of  promotional modeling bookings and now the model has made MORE MONEY from  their modeling booking than what they make all year working their full-time job.

Q. How Many Types Of Modeling Assignments Are There?

A. There are 17 types of modeling assignments.

· fashion shows 

• runway shows 

• hair shows 

• hair magazine work 

• fit modeling 

• showroom modeling 

• figure modeling for art classes 

• music videos 

• album covers

• swimwear calendars 

• lingerie calendars

• beer posters 

• print advertisements 

• editorial work 

• fur shows 

• catalog  

• couponing